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Kofax is offering a free chapter from the newly published book ‘How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done: Real-World Adaptive Case Management‘ authored by a global team of the foremost authorities on case management, including Connie Moore, Research Vice President, Forrester and Dermot McCauley, VP of BPM and Case Management, Kofax Limited

Both routine and unpredictable engagement with customers is an essential part of many critical business processes including customer start-up, account maintenance, transaction management, service fulfilment, incident management, etc. Yet mobile, cloud and social technologies are increasing the power of customers and transforming how they participate with organizations.

This free chapter from “How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done” discusses the necessary role of adaptive case management in enabling more responsive, flexible and effective customer engagement in an era when the rising power of the individual demands a new architecture of engagement for customers and employees alike.

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