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Kathleen Delaney November 26, 2019 | By Kathleen Delaney

Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling—Celebrating the Success of Women in Technology!

On behalf of Kofax, I'd like to offer my congratulations to three of our valued customers for being shortlisted for the upcoming Women in IT Awards: Emma Curzon from Davies Turner for Future CIO of the Year; Julie Hollis from Davies Turner for IT Team of the Year; and Cath Morris from ICIS for Data Leader of the Year.

Cognitive Document Automation: How Do We Measure Success?
Ryan Bazler November 20, 2019 | By Ryan Bazler

Cognitive Document Automation - How Do We Measure Success?

Welcome to part four of our six-part series that takes you on a journey through the latest concepts in multichannel document capture and intelligent OCR.  We’re focused on how AI has transformed what’s possible in making your documents and data work for you—and not against you.

Getting Started with Kofax Power PDF—It’s Easier Than You Might Think
Michael Vincent November 14, 2019 | By Michael Vincent

Getting Started with Kofax Power PDF—It’s Easier Than You Might Think

In a recent blog, we discussed how the functionality of Kofax Power PDF makes viewing and editing PDFs easier than you thought possible. This week, we look at how getting started with Power PDF is just as easy—beginning with the purchase and installation process. After you’ve taken the opportunity to review the benefits of Power PDF over alternatives such as Adobe Acrobat, it only takes a few minutes to install Power PDF and begin incorporating it into your office workflow.

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Chris Huff November 05, 2019 | By Chris Huff

The Surprising Truth: Intelligent Automation and RPA Improve Employee Satisfaction

Digital transformation has a tendency to make employees uneasy. For many, the initial reaction to words like “robots” and “automation” is to wonder if their job will disappear. 

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Kathleen Delaney October 24, 2019 | By Kathleen Delaney

Demand for Intelligent Automation is Taking Off. Why Not Join a Software Company That's Going Places?

Kofax is growing and looking for talent. We’re hiring to fill positions around the world to support the growing demand for our Kofax Intelligent Automation platform. The global demand for single-vendor, platform-centric intelligent automation is gaining a foothold and isn’t showing any signs of slowing.

Five Intelligent Automation Predictions for 2020
Bryant Bell October 22, 2019 | By Bryant Bell

Five Intelligent Automation Predictions for 2020

Through the 2010s, organizations deployed automation to achieve greater efficiencies. But until recently, most have only done so through discrete projects. As we approach a new decade, executives have grand aspirations to automate end-to-end operations.

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