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July 08, 2019 | By Chris Huff

A good niche to be in: Kofax delivers RPA with Intelligent Automation

True digital automation requires more than just RPA. Customers need complementary technologies to automate the entire process journey – from content capture and data injection, to process orchestration, to advanced analytics informing business decisions. RPA is not the end-game; it’s just a piece in the intelligent automation puzzle.

June 24, 2019 | By Nicolas Gruloos

7 Ways Kofax Sales Operations is Working Like Tomorrow—with Kofax RPA

With the emergence of robotic process automation (RPA), employees now shift from being data gatherers and compilers to data users, focusing on more cognitive and strategic business initiatives that better serve customers. And adopting Kofax RPA with integrated AI capabilities lays the foundation for enterprise-wide Intelligent Automation.

June 04, 2019 | By Bryant Bell

Smart Robots Move Companies Beyond “Business as Usual” to Work Like Tomorrow

These “dumb robots” aren’t enough to help companies keep pace with increasing competition, fight the “business as usual” inertia, and achieve their ambitions for full automation. For that, they need a digital workforce of the future, comprised of “smart robots” – an AI-based toolset featuring capabilities such as machine learning and cognitive document automation.

May 20, 2019 | By Wendy St. Clair

What's New in Kofax RPA

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and RPA, the industry is moving faster than ever, with new, smarter software coming to market with increasing frequency.  At Kofax, our development teams have been working overtime to incorporate things like machine learning and natural language processing into our products to narrow the gap between what companies consider RPA today, and where AI can take us in the future. The release of Kofax RPA 10.4 brought three specific capabilities to the forefront that are just the start of where we’re headed with intelligent automation.

April 23, 2019 | By Daniel Schmidt

Fuel RPA with “Smart” Cognitive Document Automation

As organizations implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate their tasks and processes, they frequently get stuck when their robot needs to “read” something more complex than a simple structured piece of data. 

April 17, 2019 | By Chris Huff

Manual Processes Fully Optimized? You’re Primed for Automation

Organizations stand to gain in numerous ways from applying RPA and intelligent automation to repetitive, manual tasks. These technologies eliminate errors, cut processing times by half, deliver 100% accuracy, and increase capacity by as much as 50%. Perhaps even more importantly, automation relieves employees of tedious tasks and enables them to focus on value-added activities that require a human touch.

68 Results

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