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What's Driving AP Automation to the Cloud?
portrait-bob-monio February 19, 2020 | By Bob Monio

What’s Driving AP Automation to The Cloud? Fast Deployment and Ease of Use

Instant access to information. The ability to do business anytime, anywhere. Technology solutions that can be used immediately. From end customers to back-office teams such as accounts payable (AP) — these expectations are true across the business spectrum. And these needs are driving AP automation to the cloud.

Three Ways Kofax Process Director 7.8 Delivers Advanced Automation to SAP Users
Wendy St. Clair January 06, 2020 | By Wendy St. Clair

Three Ways Kofax Process Director 7.8 Delivers Advanced Automation to SAP Users

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Kofax Process DirectorTM (formerly Kofax ReadSoft Process Director). It offers several enhancements to meet the latest SAP requirements, keep up with evolving industry needs, provide greater support for organizations to do business globally, and fully support government mandated e-invoicing.

3 Reasons to Move Invoice Automation to the Cloud
Art Sarno September 16, 2019 | By Art Sarno

3 Reasons to Move Invoice Automation to the Cloud

If it seems like everything is happening in the cloud these days – it’s not your imagination. Organizations of all sizes are recognizing the many advantages of cloud computing for business. Aberdeen research found from 2017 to 2018, “on premise” ERP dropped from 21% to 12%, and SaaS increased from 21% to 36%. And according to Gartner, 40% of new ERP deployments for large businesses will be cloud SaaS by 2021.

5 Signs It’s Time for SaaS-Based APIA
Art Sarno February 19, 2019 | By Art Sarno

5 Signs It’s Time for SaaS-Based APIA

Clearly, there’s a lot of room for improvement in invoice processing. In a survey conducted by PayStream Advisors, 63% of respondents said their top invoice management pain point is “manual data entry and inefficient processes.”

Blog author image May 01, 2018 | By Kofax

Banish the “Stare and Compare” with Invoice Automation

It’s lunchtime. And while you have a mountain of invoices to process, you’re grabbing a quick meal to go before heading back to the office. Standing in line to place your order, you look up and see the menu above. Sandwiches, salads…and then you notice something that makes you look again. Invoice Automation. That’s odd, you think. Why would invoice automation be on a to-go menu?

Ryan Bazler February 13, 2018 | By Ryan Bazler

Information Capture for Better Visibility

In the last blog, I presented an overview of the five ways information capture will revolutionize your document and data processing. Let’s take a closer look at the first way now: automation through centralized, high-volume capture, also commonly referred to as batch capture.

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