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Kofax September 03, 2019 | By Kofax

Create Distinctive Customer Moments by Ensuring Trust in Onboarding

If you’ve ever applied for a mortgage, credit card or even a new savings account, you know how paper-intensive the process can be. Photo ID, tax returns, insurance forms and statements take a long time to compile and an even longer time to be processed by the financial institution. These initial and information-intensive interactions are vital early experiences that set the tone for what should be a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between the customer and the financial institution.

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Blog author image October 09, 2018 | By Kofax

5 Things to Know About “Digitalizing” Core Organizational Processes

AIIM’s recent research in the State of the Industry report identified “digitalizing” core organizational processes as currently the most important practice area for organizations relative to achieving their digital transformation goals. 

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Kofax August 14, 2018 | By Kofax

Government Application Automation: A Guide to Empowering Citizens

Standing in long lines, filling out the same information over and over, delays in approvals—this is likely what pops into the minds of constituents when they imagine the process for enrolling in a government program or applying for services.

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Art Sarno July 30, 2018 | By Art Sarno

12 Innovative Use Cases for RPA in Finance & Accounting

We continue to find gaps in automated processes where there are activities and tasks between systems, such as keying and re-keying information from one application to another, logging into supplier portals to gather information, and manual updating of financial data or ERP applications from Excel spreadsheets.

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Blog author image July 02, 2018 | By Kofax

What’s Next in Digital Lending? 4 Key Drivers

Predicting what’s next for digital lending is a challenge – and the best path for your bank on the road to digital might not be the same as that of your competition.

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Ryan Bazler May 22, 2018 | By Ryan Bazler

Information Capture for Digital Transformation

In the previous blog, we discovered there are two sides of the information capture coin: capture of documents/emails (Cognitive Document Automation) and capture of electronic data (Robotic Process Automation). But information capture doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it needs a broader business process that orchestrates the document and data capture tasks and ultimately fulfills the customer request.

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