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Microsoft has recently announced the public preview of its Universal Print service for Microsoft 365 subscribers. The cloud-based printing solution has been designed to provide a user-friendly printing experience to IT departments. Starting first with Microsoft 365 E5 and A5 tenants, access to the public preview is gradually rolling out to all Microsoft 365 subscribers residing in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions in the coming months.

It's safe to say that many federal agencies are stretched like never before. In the wake of a relatively unprecedented global pandemic and economic uncertainty not seen in this country for generations, agency CIOs, CFOs and other leaders face expanding workloads, constrained budgets and staff resources. Their only choice is to find more efficient ways of operating.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been forced to digitise much of their business processes to stay competitive and relevant in this new market environment, almost overnight. However, implementing too many digitisation measures within a short period of time can result in a unique business problem called "technical debt," warns Zakir Ahmed, Kofax senior vice president and general manager for Asia-Pacific and Japan.

Microsoft has kicked off the public preview of its Microsoft 365 Universal Print service to simplify printer management in the enterprise. The Universal Print public preview will be rolling out to Microsoft's Azure data centers in North American Europe and Asia Pacific "in waves over the next weeks", starting with customers with Microsoft 365 E5 and A5 agreements.

The Universal Print service, which lets IT pros dispense with managing local print servers and installing print drivers, is based on the Internet Print Protocol (IPP) standard from the Printer Working Group. Microsoft had explained that detail and many other nuances about Universal Print in a May overview talk.

Microsoft announced the public preview of its Universal Print service for Microsoft 365 subscribers on Tuesday, coinciding with the start of this year's Inspire partner conference.

Although robotic procedure automation (RPA) is at the heart of lots of digital improvement efforts. RPA is all too typical for companies when presenting their software application robots in a piecemeal style.

Businesses run on the information contained in physical and digital documents. Maureen Polte, Vice President, Commercial Product Management at Kofax, says that makes managing and securing documents a key consideration in every organisation's digital transformation.

Process automation has gone from a competitive advantage, to an embedded part of doing business in the environment changed by COVID-19. Zakir Ahmed, Senior Vice President and GM for Asia Pacific & Japan, Kofax, explains why.

The current economic downturn and global disruption from the pandemic created a "Digital Awakening". Boards and C-level executives are accelerating digital transformation initiatives to drive efficiency, growth, business resiliency and remain relevant and competitive in the new digital normal. To make effective decisions these executives need data.

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