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The next generation of banking customers is here, and they want all digital banking, be it on their mobile, desktop, tablet or voice-enabled device. Customers want simple, convenient and secure interactions with their financial institutions. And if they don’t get it, they’ll jump ship to a competitor.

For nearly a half-century, we’ve been told that paper is going to be a thing of the past. Computers were going to replace the need for paper. Who was going to buy printers and copiers and MFPs when no one will need to print and copy and fax ever again?

When accounts payable (AP) systems are dependent on in-person and manual processes, a situation like Covid-19 can create serious repercussions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for financial services companies to have a “Remote First” mind-set. When we look over the past number of weeks, consumers are interacting and doing more and more business online, using a new set of tools – such as Zoom.

Accounts Payable (AP) has often been considered the “costly but critical” part of every business. Now with work-from-home mandates and normal operations disrupted, the need to transform the AP function into a strategic asset has become glaring.

The pressures of COVID-19 are forcing organizations to face—and embrace—a “new normal.” Employees are largely working remotely for the foreseeable future, and enterprises must maintain operational continuity and efficiency, while still trying to meet customer needs.

One good thing to come out of the global pandemic situation is how businesses have had to embrace new ways of leveraging technology to maintain operations as best as possible and adapt to the new normal.

When Covid-19 restrictions ease, many believe we’ll be adopting a hybrid working model – with some team members in the office and others remaining at home, or with everyone on more flexible schedules. Abodoo CEO and co-founder Vanessa Tierney, for example, believes that “we will never go back to the commuting society we once were”.

We all know tech has seen a big boost as a result of Covid but what will things look like in the future? We have some leading experts in the space with opinions worth sharing

Orange County’s largest private companies kept chugging along in 2019 when they increased their revenue...

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