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Kofax 2022 Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study

2022 Benchmark Study: What to Automate & Why

Which workflows are companies automating today? Read on.

What if You Could Work Like Tomorrow—Today?

True digital transformation is about working smarter across your organization, from the front office to the back office, to grow revenues and profits. It’s about employees working more efficiently while delivering a frictionless customer experience. Discover how Kofax intelligent automation can help you build the tomorrow you want, today.

What’s Your Tomorrow?

Find out how some of our 25,000+ customers are working like tomorrow, today with Kofax intelligent automation.
DB Schenker
There was a lot of manual work involved in getting the tracking information (...) With RPA, we were able to do the task around 50 times faster than a human could do, and also the lead time for updates was around 80% faster than before, which definitely helps our customers for their planning and proper management of their supply chains.
Ralf Bosch
SVP of Global Technology, Architecture, and Cross-Functional IT
I've been working in banking for quite a long time, and I've never achieved such an amazing result. We have this strong automation program where we use technology to make the bank better, where employees really get enthusiastic when working with this technology.
Pascal Smissaert
Head of Robotics and BPM at ABN AMRO
AIA Group
In the first month of launch alone, we obtained 7,000 plus submitted cases using the Kofax platform. Our agency force loves this new approach to digital signing so much that we have even expanded this for face-to-face sales.
Milton Thomas
Head of Digitalization and Analytics for Client Distribution Channels
Ryder logo
When I think about ‘working like tomorrow,’ we have to be innovative, we have to always be open-minded to new technology that’s out there. Otherwise, other people will discover it first and we’ll lose our edge.
Leslie Mandrell
Group Logistics Manager at Ryder System, Inc.
Since we went live with Kofax ReadSoft Online, we’ve not had a single instance of a double payment: a 100 percent accuracy rate for the solution.
Ferdia Doherty
Financial Controller, Myhealth Medical Group
We are very proud of our work with Kofax, and we intend to continue using its solutions to drive substantial business improvements at lower costs for many years to come.
Sankar Kuppuswamy
Delivery Manager – Content Services, Infosys

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