Kofax VRS Elite

The leader in scanning productivity

Reduce Document Preparation Time and Improve the Readability of Scanned Images

Kofax VRS Elite automatically examines documents and applies the correct settings to deliver high quality scanned images. Using Kofax VRS Elite is like having a quality control operator working to clean all of your toughest documents and reveal your data.


  • Improve accuracy of character recognition (OCR and ICR)
  • Lower document preparation time and enable remote scanning
  • Achieve ROI quickly with increased efficiency

New in Kofax VRS Elite

Device Health

Monitor and report on the operating condition of your scanner.

Managed Software Deployment

Kofax VRS Elite software can be distributed and installed from a central server.

Automatic Profiles

Automatically create and apply profiles based on document characteristics.

Centralized Licensing

Easily manage and distribute your Kofax VRS Elite licenses to scan stations.