Enterprise Imaging

All relevant images, one view

Medical imaging content is critical to making informed clinical decisions. But it comes in numerous DICOM formats and non-DICOM file types, making it difficult to manage and access. As a result, imaging content is often hidden in departmental PACS silos, CDs or other legacy archives that are largely disconnected from your EMR and unavailable to the clinicians who use this information to provide care.

Lexmark Healthcare can help your organization capture, manage, view and share all medical imaging-related content while providing data security, reducing costs and improving the quality of patient care.

Here’s how it works:


Capture and integrate all medical imaging content types—including DICOM, XDS and non-DICOM—with your existing EMR, PACS and imaging archives using Lexmark Healthcare PACSGEAR connectivity solutions.


Eliminate departmental silos and manage imaging content from all ‘ologies in a single repository with our vendor neutral archive (VNA).


Access and interact with medical images from anywhere with our zero-footprint enterprise viewing solutions.