Perceptive Content Management for Healthcare

Integrate document-based content with core clinical applications and drive process automation

Healthcare is document intensive. While the industry is on a path toward digitization, much of the vital information needed for patient care and back office operations remains in paper format or as digital files trapped in random servers. To deliver true patient-centered care, you must be able to integrate this scattered documentation with core healthcare applications.

With document management solutions from Kofax, you can. 

Perceptive Content — ECM For Healthcare

Perceptive Content is the backbone of the Kofax ECM offering. Built on a scalable storage model, Perceptive Content provides a variety of solutions that allow healthcare organizations to better capture, manage and deliver content throughout your enterprise.

Perceptive Content ECM applications include basic and advanced data capture, document management, records and information management, electronic signatures, document composition, enterprise search and more.

Seamless integration with leading EHRs

A variety of critical documents aren’t inherently included in EHR systems. Historical charts, referral letters, progress notes, clinical narratives, and consents often remain isolated in manila file folders stored in records rooms or in disparate digital repositories throughout a hospital or health system. Kofax has developed direct integrations between Perceptive Content and some of the leading EHRs on the market — including Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts — to make adding outside documents to these core clinical systems a breeze.  

Front office/back office solutions maximize your enterprise investment 

Kofax does more than just manage clinical content to complete the patient record. Our ECM solutions also help healthcare providers streamline and optimize front- and back-office processes. Our front-office solutions include patient scheduling software, patient registration software, and e-forms solutions. Our ECM solutions can also help automate AP processes — including invoice processing, PO matching and invoice approvals —and HR processes such as employee recruitment, onboarding and credentialing.

Improve Patient Care And Outcomes

Improved enterprise-wide visibility of critical patient documents enables better treatment decisions and minimizes costly readmissions.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the handling, shipping and storage of documents, and make service and financial information available to expedite billing and minimize claim denials.

Complete The Patient Record

Ensuring key patient documents are integrated with and accessible from the EHR enhances clinical value.

Increase Efficiency

Document digitization, centralization and automation helps streamline clinical workflows and accelerate operational processes for peak performance.

Enhance The Patient Experience

By improving information capture and workflow throughout the enterprise, patients can fill out fewer forms.