Digital Transformation Enables Innovative Customer Engagement
At its core, improving customer engagement is about closing the distance between your organization and its customers. Digital transformation is the imperative bridge that shortens that distance. When you digitally transform your business operations, you change the way customers see you. Marshaled with the appropriate strategy and expertise, innovations like mobile, analytics and cloud-based engagement can improve processes, simplify customer interactions, and create competitive differentiation, customer loyalty, and increased wallet share.

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Digital Transformation – Are We There Yet?

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Customer Engagement in a Digital Transformation Strategy

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The foundational benefits of digital transformation are improvements in customer experience and operational efficiency. In other words, automating business process eliminates friction from interactions between your customer and your business.

Digital transformation defies traditional business boundaries. From financial services to healthcare and public sector to government, mobile customer engagement solutions permeate the limits historically associated with day to day business interactions. This is primarily accomplished by minimizing (if not altogether eliminating) paper-based solutions and transitioning business processes to mobile devices and mobile apps. This strategy has already demonstrated exceptional results in many retail environments, and the expectation is that other vertical markets will follow with similar customer engagement opportunities and success stories.

The Means to Improved Efficiency and Experience

Improving customer experience requires a forthright assessment of the modern connected customer. If he is like the growing majority of his peers, he manages a large part of his private and business life via a mobile device. It’s abundantly clear that mobile is in the driver’s seat when it comes to digital transformation—and that is a major win for businesses like yours. Acquiring new customers via the mobile channel allows you to quickly and cost effectively expand your customer base and get ahead of your competition. For example, that frictionless experience your customers expect? You can provide that when they open a new account with you. Offer potential customers the option to snap a photo of their ID and/or debit/credit card, which then prefills the necessary forms on their mobile device. Low friction, high efficiency. That’s true digital transformation.

On the operational efficiency front, improvement requires integration between your customers’ mobile touch points (historically called the systems of engagement) and your line of business applications (the systems of record). Such integration is most sustainably accomplished with a solution embedded in a broader platform. The reasons for this are many:

  • It makes your organization highly efficient by automating processes, improves customer interactions by putting the customer in charge, and personalizes outbound communication. 
  • All of this sets you apart from your competition because it allows you to focus on the needs of your customers and delight them. 
  • A modular and integrated back-end system grows with you, at your pace. A high degree of integration means you can do more with less, and helps you outpace your competitors who are juggling multiple disparate solutions. 

Bridging the Digital Divide

Traversing the gap between “old school”, paper-based methods of conducting business and the modern, digital process may seem like an intimidating prospect. The word transformation is especially apt here. But enterprises need not shrink in the face of such large-scale change. Instead, they can rely on the ingenuity and creativity of business partners driven to help them achieve a higher level of engagement. Connecting with customers and serving them in a more streamlined manner raises the bar across the business process spectrum.

Now You Know

You’re connected with your customers. You’re serving them where, when and how they prefer. You have won their loyalty. You’ve achieved heightened levels of engagement, collaboration and competitiveness.

And you, the author of this digital transformation, have delivered innovation that differentiates your company.

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