Kofax TotalAgility

Leverage the world's first unified smart process development and deployment platform

Kofax TotalAgility

Kofax TotalAgility is a unified software platform that dramatically transforms and simplifies the business critical First Mile™ of business.

The First Mile represents information-intensive interactions a customer, provider or partner has with an organization — interactions like new customer onboarding, claims processing, patient experience, student transcript processing and citizen services. By making these meaningful interactions fast, simple and accurate, TotalAgility sets the stage for enduring and profitable customer relationships. TotalAgility delivers a friction-free First Mile, enabling mutually beneficial engagements throughout a business process and over an entire customer lifecycle. The result is sustainable competitive advantage, continually reduced operating costs and satisfied, loyal customers.

Kofax TotalAgility in the First Mile™

TotalAgility solves the First Mile™ challenge of effectively processing the real-time, information-rich interactions involved in any customer journey. TotalAgility transforms and simplifies the interactions between that customer and anyone else involved in helping him or her to open a new account, finalize an insurance claim, resolve a reported incident–any First Mile business process.

TotalAgility provides an essential link between systems of engagement and systems of record to help increase responsiveness to customers, improve service levels to gain competitive advantage, and better manage and grow business while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

TotalAgility incorporates information capture, process automation and case management, process intelligence and analytics, customer communication management and eSignature, and comprehensive system and data integration capability--all in a mobile-first, omnichannel engagement context.

TotalAgility Provides an Essential Connection

TotalAgility connects customers via their preferred channel to improve engagement


Digital Transformation

TotalAgility enables the transformation from physical to digital interactions in any key business process. By delivering fully digital customer engagement interactions anytime, on any device, from virtually anywhere, TotalAgility accelerates business processes, cuts costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Streamline Decision Making

TotalAgility optimizes the connection between systems of engagement and systems of record as information collected from the customer or supplier, third party services, and internal systems can be “straight-through” processed accurately and automatically, or presented to knowledge workers in an integrated way to streamline human decision making.

Facilitate Mobile Applications

TotalAgility engages customers and others on their mobile devices. TotalAgility puts mobiles to work for information capture, process status, confirmations, task execution, approvals, exception resolutions, obtaining trailing documents, and any critical interaction.

Insightful Business Intelligence and Actionable Analytics

TotalAgility leverages the power of Kofax Insight™ to provide near real-time content and process data analytics for faster, more informed decisions and faster process optimization. It empowers workers to instantly change an in-flight process without IT assistance, for better, faster service.

Digital Transaction Management

TotalAgility leverages Kofax SignDoc® to remove the need for “wet signatures” – reducing latency in signature-dependent business processes while maintaining compliance to regulation and procedure.

Off-the-Shelf Flexible Integration

TotalAgility offers a variety of pre-built connector and web services, which allow customers to accelerate the implementation of their solution and to leverage and extend their existing software assets. It also utilizes the Robotic Process Automation power of Kofax Kapow™ to automatically grab information from websites, portals and other hard to reach data sources into your business process when you need it. This eliminates the people-intensive, manual integration still in place in many organizations.

Deploy in the Cloud or On-premise

TotalAgility was designed to embrace and fully exploit the cloud computing model. The platform is available in a comprehensive set of licensing and deployment models, including perpetual on-premise licenses, and multi-tenant or dedicated instance hosted SaaS subscription services. TotalAgility Cloud Service is a SaaS subscription service offering a highly scalable architecture environment for organizations who prefer cloud implementation.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

TotalAgility increases the efficiency and responsiveness of information-intensive business processes. It provides distinctive combination of capabilities that uniquely are pre-integrated so our customers deliver better experiences to their customers while reducing their costs of operation and distinguishing themselves from competitors. With TotalAgility, organizations respond faster to customers, increase employee productivity for more agile, flexible and competitive environments.

Platform Diagram

A Versatile Platform

TotalAgility provides a uniquely comprehensive set of capabilities in a modern, open architecture, allowing customers to benefit from the platform at a pace that meets their need and via solutions that comfortably sit alongside existing technology investments.

Reduce Operating Costs

TotalAgility reduces error-prone manual processing and latency while improving customer satisfaction, competitive positioning and profitability.

Optimize the Customer Experience

By delivering responsive, dynamic business processes that maximize self-service models, TotalAgility improves responsiveness and enhances customer experience and engagement.

Provide Mobile Access

TotalAgility extends smart process interactions, HTML 5 interfaces and information capture capabilities to any mobile device, to improve collaboration and reduce time and cost from information-intensive business processes.

Integrate With Any System

By integrating easily with existing systems of record, TotalAgility delivers better First Mile processes without the need for labor- and cost-intensive modifications to legacy applications.