Kofax SignDoc

Transform your customer experiences via a digital process with e-signatures

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Enterprise-ready Kofax SignDoc® elevates the standard for digital transaction management solutions. SignDoc enables you to e-signature-enable any business process, thereby delighting the customer with a fully secure, digital process during the critical First Mile™ of business.

Kofax SignDoc is available in combination with Kofax TotalAgility® and as a stand-alone, self-service solution for departmental-level signature requirements. It can also be used during face-to-face transactions completed with the assistance of a company representative.

Across a variety of industries—including financial services, insurance and healthcare—organizations use SignDoc to enrich the customer experience and significantly reduce paper-related costs, including storage and routing.

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A Richer Customer Experience

Printing, signing and shipping or faxing documents is no longer necessary. SignDoc helps any organization exceed customer expectations by enabling transactions to be carried out from any location.

Streamlined Operations and Improved Compliance

SignDoc removes manual steps. Customers can sign electronically on any device, anywhere—for operational cost reductions, productivity increases, and improved compliance— you create a leaner, more agile organization.

Mobile E-Signatures, Online and Offline

Leveraging the Kofax SignDoc mobile developer kit empowers you and your customers to complete e-signing processes even when connectivity is an issue.

E-Sign on Your Favorite Device

With its unmatched hardware support, Kofax SignDoc lets customers e-sign on the devices of their choice, including smartphones, tablets and signature pads.

Easily Verify the Trustworthiness of E-Signed PDFs

Because Kofax SignDoc leverages the ISO 32000 standard, e-signed PDFs are validated with a PDF reader. No additional verification tool is required.

Signature Biometrics Add a Layer of Trust

Unique signature biometrics, such as pressure levels and speed data, can confirm the signer’s identity.