Invoice Scanning

Invoice scanning software is becoming standard in modern and efficient organizations. By using a scanner to digitize invoices, these companies have found an automated solution to the tedious work of keying in information into computers.

Through an integration to an ERP system, the invoice scanning software can automatically match invoices against purchase orders which really boosts efficiency.

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Invoice scanning software - economical and ecological

An invoice scanning software solution is also good for the environment since the scanner digitizes information which minimizes paper waste.

How invoice scanning software works

An invoice scanning software is more than just a solution for scanning invoices. The solution would have little value without an automated integration to an ERP system. Through this integration, the invoice scanning software can automatically match the invoice information against a purchase order. If there is a complete match, the invoice is posted for payment in a fully automated process. If no purchase order exists, the invoice scanning software sends the invoice to the correct person for allocation.

What type of scanner is needed?

You can use any type of scanner, but a bigger production scanner is usually the most automated and reliable choice. Lexmark software works with most scanners on the market.

With an invoice automation software solution, you will have full control over your invoice flow since the scanner solution makes all information digital and easily searched and retrieved.

The benefits of an invoice scanning software solution

  • Invoice scanning software uses a scanner instead of manual keying. This is faster and less expensive.
  • An invoice scanning software make all invoices digital for easy search and retrieval.
  • An integration to your ERP system will allow the invoice scanning software to match invoices against purchase orders, lowering the workload on your AP staff.
  • Invoice scanning software will give you better control over your AP cycle.

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