Perceptive Experience

A modern application platform designed to meet the needs of the modern enterprise

Improve productivity

Deploy applications that fit your unique business needs and processes, allowing your employees to work smarter.

Meet new business demands

Enable your employees, customers and partners with the tools and information they need, anywhere, and on any device.

Be more agile

Quickly deploy changes and new applications to respond to new business processes or customer demands.  

Perceptive Experience Platform

Experience platform combines industry-leading content and process management capabilities with a modern user experience and developer-friendly extensibility features.

Perceptive Experience Apps

Experience apps enable your users and customers to capture, manage or interact with relevant information in the context of your optimal business processes.

Perceptive Experience Developer Program

The Experience Developer Program places the power and control of the platform in the hands of our customers and partners, enabling them to develop and deliver their own innovative solutions.