Perceptive Enterprise Search

Creating the insight-aided organization

Information is not knowledge. —Albert Einstein
Insight is what matters. Not information. Not Data. Not mounds of content, structured or unstructured. The organizations that aid knowledge workers in finding, vetting and applying insight are the ones that will succeed in the era of information overload.

Experience Search Delivers Powerful Embedded Search and Content Analytics to Perceptive Content

Perceptive Content customers realize the full power of Kofax Content Analytics through Experience Search and the Experience Search Insight Engine apps.

Experience Search is a powerful embedded enterprise search technology that reaches broadly and deeply across both Perceptive Content and other internal and external repositories to deliver insight aiding content at the point and time of need.

Insight Engine apps use contextual triggers to make Experience Search proactive within Experience Platform solutions such as Perceptive Content. These apps can pre-stage knowledge worker content or deliver any other file analytics or search use case into the task at hand.

Faster Processes | Smarter Decisions

Knowledge workers waste valuable time looking for the insight aids they need to make smarter decisions. Some analyst firms put the number as high as one day per week. That not only slows down decisions, it can dumb them down too.

Bring Content Analytics to the Organization

Oddly, the organization rarely recognizes that operating at that level of ignorance is a choice. It’s a choice made when content analytics technologies are overlooked, underutilized or misapplied. It’s a choice Kofax can make sure your organization never makes.

Content Analytics Makes Search Proactive

Content analytics from Kofax flips the premise from the knowledge worker finding insight to insight finding the knowledge worker. This blending of proactive and reactive insight discovery can be much easier than you might expect…from basic queries to deep data discovery through the Research Accelerator.

Deliver Critical Content to Decision Makers

Enterprise Search makes locating key information across multiple repositories simple, straightforward and quick. With Enterprise Search, users can rapidly access all of the organization’s information relevant to completing a task, solving a problem or advancing a business process. And with faceted navigation, conversational search, natural language support and other intuitive features, users don’t have to enter perfect queries to get the right results.

Engaging the Context

Mountains of data does not equal insight. Contextually relevant data staged when needed does. Content Analytics solutions from Kofax use content, context and collaboration triggers to ensure that insight aids will proactively arrive for each and every key decision.

Collaboration Enhances Content

Insight engines aren’t just about data, they’re about smart people too. One of the strongest insight aids might be a co-worker in a nearby workstation who is a subject matter expert on the decision you need to make, or an introduction to the author of a stellar report on the topic or review assigned to you.