Kofax Capture: What's New

What's New in Kofax Capture 10 New User Interface

Work faster with a completely updated user interface that fully leverages Microsoft Fluent UI standards, for the same look and feel and navigation as a Microsoft Office application.

Browser Based Deployment

Deploy Kofax Capture components and modules through a Web browser.

Browser Based Indexing and Validation

Remote users simply open a web browser and start processing documents. Securely administer remote scan-stations, minimizing total cost of ownership.

Language Packs

Add additional language support to a base Kofax Capture installation. Languages are now separate from the core application.

Multiple Languages on a Single System

Deploy language packs to the server and the proper languages will be deployed directly to users based on their local system settings.

Batch Filtering

Search and filter document batches in progress quickly and easily. Provides more advanced control and visibility over capture processes and operations.

Enhanced Batch Workflow

Split batches into separate batches based on classification results. Enables the routing of specific documents to specialized processes, users or operations.