Kofax Analytics for Kapow

Proactively Monitor and Optimize Robotic Process Automation Operational Efficiency

Kapow Enterprise

Kofax Analytics for Kapow provides out-of-the-box dashboards for monitoring the health of the robotic process automation platform and robots. It delivers interactive views of system performance and robot metrics that enable administrators to monitor and analyze system performance, robot runs, and detect problems with data sources and performance issues.

Take the next step, by stepping up to Kofax Insight to monitor employee productivity, analyze the effectiveness of business processes to ensure compliance, eliminate risk, and provide unprecedented insights that help you achieve operational excellence.

Monitor and Tune Your Robotic Operations

Interactive dashboard views deliver near real-time data to administrators about system performance, individual robots, and data sources empowering administrators to monitor important robotic operating conditions and diagnose problems.

Diagnose Robot Problems Quickly

Get a quick overview of individual robot health along with key robot-run metrics to help you identify and address issues. Everything from error count, execution time, and extracted records can be viewed and analyzed.

Empowers the Robotics Administrator

Go back and review historical robot data to uncover trends and actions you might want to take to improve processes.

Analyze Your Workforce and Processes

By stepping up to Kofax Insight, administrators are able to customize dashboards to monitor employee productivity and other key process elements, identify trends, and ultimately improve processes over time.