Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Accounts Receivable

Gain insight into outstanding balances and rapidly resolve disputes.

Kofax Customer Communications Manager for Financial Services

Kofax Customer Communications Manager enables financial services organizations to better engage with customers, in the manner they prefer, by producing and managing personalized correspondence via e-mail, print and online formats.

Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Accounts Payable

Automatically move data from paper and electronic invoices into your ERP.

Visibility for Perceptive Intelligent Capture

The key to business performance management is insight into business processes that empowers timely and decisive action.

Kofax for Healthcare

As the healthcare industry wrestles with a range of new mandates, forward-thinking hospitals and other medical providers are already embracing the future and realizing benefits with innovative strategies enabled by the latest smart process applications,a powerful combination of smart capture, mobile, process management and analytics.

Kofax Mobile Deposit Capture

Data sheet for mobile deposit capture framework that contains features and beneifits along with a detailed product description.

Kofax Mortgage Agility

Kofax Mortgage Agility™ is a smart process application that revolutionizes the antiquated, paper-laden mortgage process by actively engaging borrowers and lenders, enabling them to become collaborative stakeholders in a more effective and transparent process.

Kofax FraudOne

Kofax FraudOne® empowers its users to detect check fraud in real time and from “Day 1 and 2” transactions. In an era when 82% of surveyed organizations say checks are the primary fraud target in their business, Kofax FraudOne is an image-based, fraud detection solution whose time has come.

Kofax Kapow™ for Content Migration

Planning to use consultants and custom scripting on your content migration project? Avoid the pain and join the customers who saved up to 80% with Kapow Kapow™.

Kofax TotalAgility for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM

Kofax TotalAgility® for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM extends the capabilities of Dynamics CRM to meet the key challenges of dynamic case management. TotalAgility has been recognized by leading analysts as a complete and advanced BPM platform solution.

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