Kofax MarkView for AP

Automate invoice processing, streamline approval cycles and significantly reduce AP processing costs

Kofax MarkView for AP

Kofax MarkView® for AP (MarkView) automates the AP operations of hundreds of major organizations to significantly reduce cycle times and costs while optimizing process control and cash flow management. The solution provides industry-leading information capture and automates invoice processing and data entry. It includes best practice workflows for discrepancy processing, resolution and accounting details as well as real-time ERP integration for SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite, a self-service supplier portal and an AP process optimization dashboard.

With MarkView version 8.0, smartphones and tablets are integrated so users can manage AP processes from virtually anywhere. Users both inside and outside the enterprise have highly secure access to the information required to process invoices.

Industry-Leading Capture Automation

MarkView includes industry-leading capture for invoice receipt, advanced recognition, data extraction, validation, and delivery to workflows and the ERP, reducing errors, time, and cost. MarkView captures all invoice related information and performs automated PO matching and entry into the ERP system. Whether captured data consists of supplier names, invoice numbers, invoice dates, invoice amounts, PO numbers, or specific line items ordered, automated data extraction, matching and export to the ERP significantly reduces the number of data errors compared to manual data entry. Advanced recognition goes beyond basic OCR to performing keyword and format locating, PO data matching, fuzzy database searches, and manual data review for exceptions, ensuring only the most accurate and highest confidence data enters the ERP.

Add-on Applications

Real-Time Operation Dashboards

Kofax MarkView AP Advisor is the industry's first real time financial process performance application that enables organizations to achieve world class efficiency and effectiveness in their AP processing activity. Designed specifically for finance executives, MarkView AP Advisor enables finance managers to strategically manage and optimize finance processes by providing an integrated perspective on AP operations — from comprehensive overviews to detailed activities summaries — that synthesize both process and transactional data. And, it takes things to the critical next step by combining real time process performance intelligence with the ability to immediately intervene, when necessary, to resolve process issues impacting departmental performance.

Self-Service Supplier Portal

Kofax SupplierExpress™  reduces costly inquiries to AP through web enabled self-service access to payment status information and the actual invoices. This information is available to line of business managers and suppliers, reducing costly inquiries into AP. The accounts payable function has many key partners including business units, purchasing, vendors, employees, accounting, auditors and the CFO and controller. Satisfying the demands of all these stakeholders can be a daunting task at best and an unwieldy burden at worst. The constant inquiries, disputes, requests for information and correction of errors can grind AP productivity to a halt. MarkView can provide all stakeholders access to AP related tasks without any help from AP staff.

Integrate People and Processes

Get real time integration with SAP or Oracle E-Business Suite to create a single business process for all media types (paper, fax, EDI, e-Invoicing, etc.) while streamlining approval processes. 

Reduce Cycle Times

Prompt payments enable early payment discounts, eliminate late fees and reduce duplicate payments caused by suppliers resending overdue invoices.

Eliminate Lost or Misfiled Documents

Capture invoices online so they never get lost or misfiled. The need to copy, fax and resend invoices is eliminated.

Enable Mobile Access

Integrate Kofax Mobile Capture™ for anywhere, anytime access and faster invoice and receipt processing while extending AP’s internal controls to mobile devices.

Improve Productivity

Reduced AP invoice preparation, automated approval cycles and faster back office processing times all contribute to increased efficiency and greater supplier satisfaction.

Reduce Document Transport Costs

MarkView AP workflow automation reduces processing times by eliminating the need to physically mail or ship invoices for review and approval.