Kofax Kapow: What’s New

The New Digital Workforce: Robotic Process Automation

Kapow Enterprise

The latest Kofax Kapow release delivers enterprise-class robotic process automation, creating a digital workforce of software robots that automate virtually any business activity critical to operations and customer service. The Kapow robotic process automation platform fuels a company’s digital transformation, delivering immediate ROI, while paving the way to longer-term process automation initiative success.

The benefits of Kapow are significant, including operational efficiency, modernization of legacy systems and superior customer engagement.

The latest enterprise enhancements include:

Desktop Robotic Automation

Automate virtually any manual task on the desktop by designing and deploying intelligent robots to a centralized server that then automatically execute the predefined user actions and business rules.

Mainframe Robotic Automation

Design robots to automate legacy mainframe application tasks directly via new built-in native mainframe terminal connectivity, plus existing integrations with terminal emulator interfaces (Attachmate, Rocket Software, etc.).

Business Application Automation

Kapow robots interact with all types of business applications, including Windows®, Java™ and common enterprise applications such as Oracle®, SAP® and others.

Enterprise Messaging Layer

Enhanced message queuing improves communication and orchestration of thousands of enterprise software robots between servers, websites, portals, and remote and virtualized desktops.

Citrix UI Automation

Many enterprise applications today are made available via Citrix where a Citrix server only sends screenshots of the live application that runs on the Citrix server back to the client. The latest image finding and OCR capabilities, can locate images on screen and extract or enter data just like a human operator would.

Password Store

Provides secure management of robot user credentials designed to grant access to different systems without disclosing sensitive information to users who create and run robots.

Built-in on-screen optical character recognition (OCR)

Automate the extraction of text from an on-screen image using the new robotic ‘Extract Text from Image’ step.

Image Finders

Powerful new image recognition that extracts an on-screen image and is capable of locating application user interface elements in the UI that are not otherwise present in the application tree.

Run Processes Behind Locked Screen

A robotic process can run behind a locked screen, when IT security policy requires.