Kofax Customer Reference Program

Position yourself as a thought leader


Let’s Collaborate and Inspire

You had a vision, set a path, and achieved success. Now you’ve got a great story waiting to be told. Together we’ll tell it and inspire a global audience by simply promoting your success and showcasing your organization as an industry leader and innovator.

What’s in it for you?

Participation in the Kofax Customer Reference Program can open up exciting opportunities that help you promote your success to your constituents, stakeholders, and industry peers. In exchange for your participation, you will:
  • Earn discounts for Kofax events and educational training
  • Grow your social and professional networks
  • Enhance your status in the industry as a thought leader
  • Gain access to exclusive Kofax customer events
  • Engage with Kofax experts, executives, and industry press and analysts
  • Help shape the evolution of your Kofax products by providing input

Participation is up to you

Kofax understands that your time is valuable and limited. This is why the Kofax Customer Reference Program was designed to ensure that each member’s time is handled with special precaution. As a reference customer you will identify the types of activities right for you. Points are accrued for each activity completed. The more you participate, the higher the benefits. If you must decline an opportunity, you can do so at any time for any reason.

Why wait? Join today.

Joining the Kofax Customer Reference Program is quick and easy. Simply complete the online registration form. If you have any questions, please contact Dianne Jolly, Sr. Kofax Customer Programs Manager, at dianne.jolly@kofax.com.

kofax-customer-reference-programWe look forward to working with you.